The Future of Mobile Technology in Construction Industry

What is the current role of mobile technology in the construction industry, and how is it expected to change the way business is done in the future?

In line with the new scenario, we present down below 4 keys to consider in order to manage to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) in your company:

1. Increased Efficiency and Improved Project Management

If something goes wrong or amiss on the construction site, the foreman can instantly make a request for assistance or new equipment with no need to cause any unwanted delays in the project. Aside from calling for assistance right away, the rest of the parties could be informed of delays or changes on mobile devices. Mobile technology will also be able to improve equipment and employee tracking which can then decrease the loss of resources and inaccuracies.

2. Reduced Costs and Fewer Errors

Based on a study, around 65 percent of Construction supervisors claimed that rework is actually the main cause behind the expensive costs incurred during a project. With the help of mobile technology, these costs can then be eliminated through the improvement of accuracy, information, and communication flow, while allowing early identification of mistakes before they could even cause any deterioration to the project.

This improved communication and accuracy can then lesser rework which means lower costs incurred. A good example as to how mobile technology reduces inaccuracies is time sheets. With a Mobile timesheet app, employees can use their mobile devices to clock in and out. Mobile Apps coupled with GPS capabilities can track the location of employees at the time of clock in or clock out to guarantee honest and accurate reporting. It gets rid of human errors which often happen in traditional timekeeping with the use of paper timecards.

3. Faster Decision Making and Real Time Information

Mobile technology also allows the back office and the field to have constant communication to ensure complete transparency with the project. The availability of updated information gives decision makers the chance to come up with informed decisions which can be relayed back to the team members in real time. The instant flow of information leads to faster and even more accurate decisions to keep projects running smoothly.

4. Mobile Technology and Construction in the Future

The latest buzz on the future of mobile technology in the field of construction revolves around Wearable technology and Drones. With wearable technology, the Internet is now built into equipment and devices that construction field workers wear to help them to be more productive and efficient at the job site. Some of the early adopters have already tested and proven the use of wearable technology in the construction industry but it still has to completely become a part of the industry as a whole. With wearable technology becoming more user-friendly and more engineered for use in the industry of construction, it is said that all equipment pieces are not only going to become smart but be connected with (Internet of Things). It will let the use of each device to be easily recorded and tracked for its whole life cycle.

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