OSHA’s new rule

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on May 11, 2016, published a new rule for electronic injury and illness recordkeeping data submissions (aka “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses”) that revises the responsibilities and impacts of OSHA’s long-standing injury and illness recordkeeping program. The new rule directs employers to take historical internal data about work- related illnesses and injuries, and submit this information to OSHA for publication on a website that would be made available to the general public.

What should employers do?

  • Audit your injury and illness recordkeeping forms. Do this at the end of every year and before being required to certify and submit a 300A annual summary to OSHA.
  • Provide training on new recordkeeping requirements. Employees responsible for injury reporting policies, or other work-related policies that may impact injury reporting, should be made aware of OSHA’s new record keeping and anti-retaliation requirements and prohibitions.
  • Avoid costly fines and citations by automating regulatory requirements for injury and illness records including OSHA’s Form 300 Log, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300A), and the Injury and Illness Incident Report (Form 301).

The OSHAFormz  Mobile App

  • Record incidents, near misses and hazards with just a few easy clicks, even when you’re offline
  • Perform workplace inspections and observations from anywhere, in real-time
  • Easily document findings and immediately assign corrective actions
  • Put powerful and easy-to-use incident reporting, inspection and observation tools in the hands of every employee.

Give your employees quick and easy access to the OSHA Formz Mobile App. Our well designed & intuitive app  make it easy to create OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301  right from the app.

Core Capabilities:

    1. Create one or more establishments within the App.
    2. Identify the employee, the employee’s job title, the date of the injury or onset of the illness and the exact location where the event occurred by establishment.
    3. Specifically describe the case, along with the parts of the body affected and the object/substance that directly injured or made the employee ill.
    4. Classify the case by choosing one of the categories. Employer can revise the log if the injury or illness progresses or the outcome is more serious than was originally recorded.
    5. Enter the number of days the employee was on restricted work or job transfer, the number of days away from work, or both.
    6. Indicate whether the case is an injury or an illness.

Being Mobile

OSHAFormz Mobile App  will capture all the details required to complete Form 300, 300A and 301 in a intuitive way. The Mobile App will automatically calculate the totals and add the numbers wherever applicable in the summary sections to avoid any human error in recording the information.

The data is more secure in the mobile app than on a piece of paper and always available for sharing via email or printing directly from the phone or tablet.

When critical  challenges arise, you need your employees to handle them in the moment, and you want that information available to you in real-time.  Having quick and easy access to your incident  information is essential to making your workplace healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable.

With today’s increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, you need powerful and easy-to-use mobile solutions to keep up with the speed of business while keeping employees actively engaged in your EHS management programs. OSHAFormz is the  right mobile solution for mobile workforce.

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